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About Us

Sperowz India 1st and most transparent pre-school chain is the fruitful result of lots of Hard work and Research in the field of education by its founders – Mr. Satpathy and Mr. Kharbanda. They believe that education should reach each and every Indian child and that too at an affordable cost. The founders are continuously thriving to inspire the community to actively seek knowledge and understanding, think independently, reason critically, and embrace challenge via very carefully designed International Curriculum.

Our aim

To offer a rich and stimulating environment which fosters student\'s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.To prepare the child for overall development and carve them into healthy, positive, perceptive, ethical and patriotic individuals.

To enable students to acquire the necessary life skills to function confidently and effectively in a rapidly changing world.

Our Methodology

At the core of our Methodology is the recognition that children think and learn differently and that intelligence can be expressed in a multitude of ways.

We believe that the children need a safe, clean and supportive environment in which they can play, grow and learn.Sperowz is a happy place where the child will be loved, cared for and cherished. Each age-group is treated with Customized Learning by way of our unique books, activities, work-sheets, role play etc. At Sperowz, it is fun, love and party always.

Out multifaceted approach to teaching incorporates the basic concepts and provides opportunities for each student to use his or her unique intelligence to understand the subject matter.

At Sperowz, our mission is to generate harmonious relationship between children and our teaching as well as non-teaching staff resulting in all-round development of child.

At Sperowz, we believe that each child has his/her own learning style and pace, so we teach them in a way so as to discover and develop their talents and interests in different areas.

Sperowz Advantage

  • 24x7 back-end support for parents
  • Tie up with leading schools in the city to facilitate the admission to major schools
  • Special Counselling session with parents for admissions to major schools of their choice.