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Arts and crafts

Children benefit from exposure to child-initiated art activities that are open-ended and process oriented. At Sperowz, materials and opportunities to create art projects at a beginning and more advanced level are available as children are developmentally ready for them.

Music and movement

Music and movement are valuable means of learning. Children need a supportive environment that includes a teacher and a variety of tools to encourage their self-expression through music and related activities.

Blocks and construction

Block play, with a variety of blocks and accessories, allows children the opportunity to explore spatial, mathematical, and role-play possibilities as well as practice problem-solving skills. Construction permits the completion of a project from design to finished product.


Dramatic play gives children opportunity to discover an array of roles and responsibilities as well as providing a vehicle through which they make sense of their world. Space, time, props, materials, and supportive teachers enhance dramatic play and drama productions.

Math/reasoning activities

Math skills are reinforced and supported through active, hands-on methods. When math and reasoning are taught to children at this tender age, their skills are strengthened.

Science/nature activities

Science and nature activities and materials foster curiosity and experimentation that benefit the child through direct experience and application to other areas of learning. Children's understanding of concepts is strengthened through hands-on activities.

Cultural awareness

Children need to be exposed to similarities and differences of people in positive ways through books, pictures, toys, materials and interaction. This exposure encourages respect for others and lessens misunderstandings. Children also need to see their particular culture reflected in their care settings. This encourages self-esteem and a feeling of belonging.

Kids day out

Children learn a lot through observation and experience which is precisely why at Sperowz we take them out on Little Endeavors. Held once a month and related to the concept of the month, these outings give a unique hands-on experience to the children added with a little adventure to remember

Parent-Teacher Interactions

We have also introduced the concept of monthly Parent-Teacher sessions wherein the parents are encouraged to judge their own child in uniquely designed criteria and to provide their valuable feedbacks if any.

We strongly believe that a close partnership between teachers and parents is an important factor in overall cognitive development of the child.